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Play tennis at Tasmania’s premier facility

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Our coaching philosophy is a contemporary one that provides clear pathways and opportunities for all. Programs are group based to create social connections and a group learning environment. Players are taught through a rally-based approach using regressions and progressions to have fun whilst improving their game.

Our Vision

To build a community by providing contemporary tennis coaching available to all.

Our guiding principles

  1. Inclusiveness & affordability – programs for all ages and abilities.
  2. Connection and integration – coaching programs should be integrated to provide pathways from novice to elite play.
  3. Single point of contact – providing a seamless customer experience
  4. Quality and professionalism – professional development will ensure quality and assist in building our future leaders

Why Choose us

  • Step into tennis programs at any time.
  • All programs and sessions are based around the school terms and holidays. The programs will vary accordingly; you may participate for all or part of a term.


Dunlop sponsors our coaching programs. The DTC welcomes Dunlop’s involvement in our coaching program.

Be part of something special; join our tennis community today.


Coaching Enquiries

For further information on programs or how to get involved you may contact the club by telephone: 03 6234 4805, by email manager@domain tennis.com.au or by visiting the DTC office.