Pennant Competition

Tennis Pennants at the Domain Tennis Centre

Year-round, the Domain Tennis Centre offers a robust pennant system designed to accommodate players of all ages and skill levels. Each pennant season spans approximately three months and takes place on Monday through Thursday evenings, starting at 6 pm. Teams composed of players with varying abilities compete against similarly skilled opponents in both singles and doubles matches.

While tennis can be as competitive as you desire, these evenings are primarily social in nature, with most participants gathering at the bar after their matches. In colder months, they enjoy a drink around the fire, and during balmy summer nights, they relish the spectacular views from our deck.

To join as a regular or substitute player.

Pennant Start Dates:

  • MONDAY – January 2024
  • TUESDAY A Grade – February 2024
  • WEDNESDAY – January 2024
  • THURSDAY – January 2024
  • FLEX LEAGUE – Various

Entries Close: One week before the first round.


  • Domain Tennis Centre Member – $98
  • Non-Member – $156 (Qualified to participate in one pennant roster. Access is limited to pennant times and requires proof of membership at an affiliated club).

Join us for a fantastic tennis experience at the Domain Tennis Centre!